In Memoriam – Heather Tiffany

by jess on February 16, 2014


Today  we pay our respects to a longtime Coheed fan, Heather Tiffany. Heather came to Cobalt in 2006 and remained an active and brilliantly devoted friend within the widespread Coheed fanbase.  Through the years, she connected on a profound level with many constant members of the community and never faltered in her admirable and inspiring loyalty to the band and their universe.

On the night of Thursday, February 13, Heather met with a tragic accident that took her life. She will be dearly missed and remembered with love by the Coheed fandom that she was proud to call her family. Be at peace, Heather. <3

Celebrating a decade!

by matt on February 14, 2014

Today marks a very special anniversary for us here at Cobalt and Calcium. We came into existence an entire decade ago on February 14, 2004.

this heart is everlasting

In 10 years, we have seen and shared so much. We have loved and we have lost. 10 years made us friends and it made us family. We’ve watched each other and watched the band grow into the force they are today. We’ve had our ups and downs and moments that we won’t ever forget.

It’s easy to take what we have for granted, but for most of us it would be hard to imagine our lives without the bonds we have made here. In many ways, as the image above indicates, this heart, our heart is everlasting.

I want to take this moment to thank everyone who has supported us over the years. Thanks to our staff and the staff who came before them for working tirelessly to bring this universe alive for the fans. I appreciate you beyond words. Thanks to all of our loyal fans, supporters, users and everyone we come into contact with. You are all special, creative people that I am pleased to share this space with. Thanks to the band! You give us purpose and reason for existing.

I also want to look towards the future, we have some work to do here in various capacities to continue to build on our storied past. We also know the way people use forums and the Internet has changed and we are very open to hear what you want to see from us over this next year.

Please share your favorite memories of the last decade, and hopes for the future with us on our message board. 

New from Weerd Science: Red Light Juliet 2!

by jess on February 7, 2014


To follow up 2013′s Red Light Juliet EP, Josh Eppard has delivered some fresh Weerd Science tracks with Red Light Juliet Broadcast 2: Steady Straight Lights​/​Sudden Dark Turns. Check it out on Bandcamp and show your support for DIY music with a name-your-price digital download!

Discuss Red Light Juliet 2 with other Weerd Science fans in our community!

Congratulations to the Stever family!

by jess on February 5, 2014



On February 4, Travis and Abigail Stever were excited to announce the arrival of their firstborn son, Rory Charles. Please join us in congratulating them and welcoming this new addition to the Coheed family!

Happy 1st birthday to The Afterman: Descension!

by jess on February 5, 2014



One year ago today, the second installment of Coheed’s epic Afterman double album came to record stores. The release of Descension, their 7th studio album, marks the band’s commitment to musical evolution and sophistication, while still proving loyal to their “classic” sound their fans know and love.

What’s your favorite Descension release day memory? Finally hearing that studio version of “Sentry the Defiant”, discovering “Gravity’s Union”, or the thrill of playing Ascension and Descension back to back? Share your stories!




And let’s not forget that today, the album that started it all celebrates 12 years since release. Over the last decade and more, Second Stage has remained a fan favorite and will continue to be a monumental work in the hearts of devoted Coheed enthusiasts. It’s a telling fact that many fans from the SSTB era are still deeply loyal to the band and their work, through every evolution and musical progression – we salute both the band and those who have supported them through the years. We’d love to hear some Coheed stories from back in the SSTB days!

Graphic Policy’s “Women of BOOM!” Interview with Chondra Echert

by matt on January 31, 2014

Head on over to Graphic Policy’s website to check out the latest in their “Women of BOOM!” series featuring the lovely Chondra Echert!

Chondra Echert

Discuss this interview on our message board with others now!

Introducing “Translucid” by Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert!

by jess on January 17, 2014


Fresh from an interview with Newsarama:

In April, the new Boom comic series Translucid will reunite the creative husband-and-wife team of Chondra Echert and musician Claudio Sanchez, frontman of Coheed and Cambria.

The new project is a unique take on superheroes — portraying a hero named The Navigator and his arch-enemy, The Horse, while also examining the blurred line between hero and villain.

The writers admit they were influenced by the relationship of Batman and the Joker when they were formulating the story of The Navigator and The Horse. But in this story, The Horse begins to notice that The Navigator’s moral compass is slipping, the villain decides to get a closer look into The Navigator’s past to find out what drove him to become a hero.

Sanchez, who’s sold millions of records worldwide as the creative force behind the band Coheed and Cambria, is a lifelong fan of comic books and superheroes. With Translucid, he and his wife promise to turn the superhero trope of “the neverending battle” on its head.

Read the full interview here.

We’re thrilled to have a new story on the way from the Evil Ink machine – come discuss their latest project in our community!

Davenport Cabinet on tour!

by jess on December 8, 2013

Davenport Tour


This week, Travis Stever’s folk-rock side project Davenport Cabinet is going on tour – hitting Richmond, VA; Washington DC; and Philadelphia, PA! If you’re near one of these tour dates, don’t miss out – RSVP on Facebook if you’re attending! Be sure to pick up a limited hard copy of their latest EP Risks in Magic as well.

Are you catching a show? Come discuss the tour in our Davenport Cabinet forum.

What’s your favorite Coheed cover?

by jess on November 23, 2013

Last month, Claudio surprised us with an inventive cover of Bastille’s “Pompeii”, the latest addition to a longstanding series of interpretive cover songs from the Coheed universe. From a solemn acoustic rendition of the Smiths’ “A Rush and A Push and the Land is Ours” to the true-blue Iron Maiden tribute “The Trooper”, the Coheed crew has definitely shown their versatility and love for the classics while giving each tune that unique Coheed flavor!

Check out “Pompeii” above, then come tell us what your favorite Coheed cover is so far!

Davenport Cabinet releases “Risks in Magic” EP

by jess on November 14, 2013


The latest and greatest from Travis Stever is here! If you haven’t grabbed a download of Davenport Cabinet’s brand new EP “Risks in Magic”, it can be found on both iTunes and Amazon.

“Risks in Magic” is dedicated to Travis’ future family – the Stevers will be welcoming a baby boy in just a few months! Come show your support and discuss this new music with others in our community.