What’s your favorite Coheed cover?

by jess on November 23, 2013

Last month, Claudio surprised us with an inventive cover of Bastille’s “Pompeii”, the latest addition to a longstanding series of interpretive cover songs from the Coheed universe. From a solemn acoustic rendition of the Smiths’ “A Rush and A Push and the Land is Ours” to the true-blue Iron Maiden tribute “The Trooper”, the Coheed crew has definitely shown their versatility and love for the classics while giving each tune that unique Coheed flavor!

Check out “Pompeii” above, then come tell us what your favorite Coheed cover is so far!

Davenport Cabinet releases “Risks in Magic” EP

by jess on November 14, 2013


The latest and greatest from Travis Stever is here! If you haven’t grabbed a download of Davenport Cabinet’s brand new EP “Risks in Magic”, it can be found on both iTunes and Amazon.

“Risks in Magic” is dedicated to Travis’ future family – the Stevers will be welcoming a baby boy in just a few months! Come show your support and discuss this new music with others in our community.

Cobalt Recommends: I the Mighty

by jess on November 11, 2013

Coheed have finished up their US tour, and we had a great time at the show! We hope you had a chance to catch this stellar lineup and wanted to take a moment and remind you to check out I the Mighty, one of the incredible opening bands from this tour cycle. We at Cobalt and Calcium are big fans of these guys, and they’re Coheed fans too! (The lead singer, Brent, even has a Keywork tattoo on his forearm – see if you can catch it.)

Please enjoy “Speak to Me” off their recent album Satori, then come discuss this awesome band with our community!

The Final Cut

by matt on October 31, 2013

Also celebrating an anniversary this week, is this horrific little nugget from the mind of Claudio Sanchez.

Discuss your memories of this video, which was released exclusively to Cobalt and Calcium with other fans.

“My Brother’s Blood Machine” Celebrates 7th Anniversary

by jess on October 31, 2013

On October 31 of 2006, Claudio’s acoustic-electronica solo project The Prize Fighter Inferno released its first full-length album, My Brother’s Blood Machine. This intriguing collection spanned over ten years’ worth of songwriting and offered a mysterious storyline that immediately appealed to Coheed enthusiasts. Blood Machine still commands a deep fascination among fans seeking a deeper glance into the Amory Wars universe as well as Claudio’s artistic endeavors.

Discuss Blood Machine with others in our community!

The Semi-Annual Cobalt and Calcium Pumpkin Carving Contest

by matt on October 22, 2013

Halloween, our favorite holiday at Cobalt and Calcium, is soon approaching! To help celebrate this ghoulish day, we shall be hosting a contest in which you can show off your pumpkin carving (or painting) skills. We will reward the winner with an awesome prize!

All that is required is a pumpkin, a sharp knife, and some creativity.

One prize winner will receive the following:

*One limited edition, glow in the dark variant Half Measures EP (Prize Fighter Inferno) signed by Claudio and Chondra at NYCC 2013 (pictured below!)
*Recognition throughout the Coheed and Cambria Community for being a bad ass with a knife.
*All entries will receive special mention on our front page and via our Social Media pages.

photo 1

This is a pumpkin carving or painting contest.
The theme: Anything related to the vast Coheed and Cambria universe or their associated side projects

Entries will be judged on concept and execution (skill of you carving or painting). You may only enter the contest once. Please submit your photos in this thread ONLY.  (*Forum Members Only) The contest starts TODAY, Tuesday October 22, 2013 and ends on Thursday October 31, 2013 at 11:45PM MDT. No entries will be allowed after this time, as the thread will be locked at exactly 11:45 PM MDT on October 31!

The winner will be notified through a private message on the forum from Matt on November 1st.

Pumpkins spoil extremely quickly once you give them the knife. Take your pictures as soon as you can after you have completed. Practice your flash photography. Your pumpkin could look fantastic in the dark, but using too much flash will set you up for disaster and ruin the appearance.

Pumpkins are usually lit with a candle, however you may use any light source to get the effect you desire. Red bulbs, black lights, you name it.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!
-Cobalt and Calcium Staff

Happy Ascension Day!

by jess on October 8, 2013



One year ago today, the first installment of Coheed and Cambria’s triumphant double album The Afterman was officially released to begin a new era in the realm of Heaven’s Fence! Ascension tells a deeply symbolic tale of love and loss following the story of Sirius Amory, the physicist who discovered “the true nature of the Keywork.” The Afterman albums also represent a time of rebirth in the lives of the band themselves; the Coheed universe continues to flourish following the return of original drummer Josh Eppard and the addition of a brilliant talent in bassist Zach Cooper.

How did you spend your Ascension release day last year? Come share your stories and show some love!

In Celebrating 10 Years of Silent Earth: 3…

by jess on October 6, 2013


One more year among the Fence! Today, Coheed’s beloved sophomore album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 celebrates ten years since its release in 2003. Many fans credit In Keeping Secrets as their introduction to the Coheed universe, and this work remains prized in our hearts as a community.

We at Cobalt and Calcium would like to take this time to thank the band for their unwavering dedication and integrity throughout the years, and for returning our support tenfold with a constantly evolving and life-altering artistic vision.  Come join other Coheed fans in celebrating this Coheed milestone!

“Risks in Magic” + Exciting News from Davenport Cabinet!

by jess on September 21, 2013

Earlier this month, Travis Stever premiered a new Davenport Cabinet song at Coheed’s headliner shows in St. Louis and Las Vegas. The song, “Risks in Magic”, is the title track off an upcoming Davenport Cabinet EP.

Travis also revealed at these shows that he and his wife Abby are expecting a baby, and that “Risks in Magic” was written to commemorate their future as a family. He has since announced that the baby is a boy, and released the full-band studio version to celebrate this exciting news! We’re loving this track – give it a listen, then be sure to drop by the Davenport Cabinet Facebook to congratulate Travis on the coming birth of a son!

Come discuss the big news with our community!

‘Good Apollo’ Celebrates 8th Anniversary

by jess on September 19, 2013


We can’t believe it’s been eight years since Coheed gave us “Good Apollo” – this album has been truly definitive both in the band’s career and in our legacy as a fan community. Who else remembers release day like it was yesterday? Come share your Good Apollo stories with other Coheed fans!