Cobalt and Calcium

No World for Tomorrow

Hello, Yes, the “next message” is for a contest that is simply hosted by Cobalt. wasn’t just setup to have just this event; but multiple — some involving cobalt, and some not… This is just a little contest for people who would like to participate. More information regarding the album and [...]

Cobalt and Calcium

Yes, you are at Cobalt and Calcium

Hello everyone, After hours of work, Cobalt and Calcium is back online with a fresh new look. Thanks goes out to Matt for transferring news archives and our warped tour gigography, and Kylan for integrating the Gigography page into the new website. There are still a lot of things missing and I am already aware of some issues/bugs. We are also [...]

Coheed and Cambria

Coheed and Cambria Announcement

Today our summer officially begins. We are done with recording and ready to rock all summer long on Warped tour. We are very proud of the new record we just completed and can’t wait for you to hear it. We are looking to release it in October. We will have lots of news and fun announcements, contests, and a new song along the way, so keep [...]


The Amory Wars Updates

The Amory Wars #1 has been released!  Dear Fans of The Amory Wars, Due to a slew of mistakes at our publisher, printer AND distributor, The Amory Wars #1 will be late arriving in your mailboxes and Hot Topic stores. It should be available tomorrow though, in comic book shops and this weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia. Hot Topic should [...]