Cobalt and Calcium
Posted By matt

A letter that says reborn….your feedback please!



We recently celebrated a milestone anniversary this past February: One decade of being the official Coheed community and resource. So much has changed in 10 years, yet we have remained relatively the same. While we do treasure nostalgia, the time has come for us to reinvent and rebrand ourselves so we can continue to be a valuable strength of the Coheed fan base as we all move forward. We know and understand the way most people use forums; the internet has changed and we would like to refocus our efforts to better deliver appropriate content and information to the fan base.

Before we embark on this process, we would like your feedback on what you would like to see from us in the future. We are very open to all ideas and constructive comments. We also understand that not everyone has had an entirely positive experience while on our site or interacting with our users, and we want to ensure that we address your concerns without dwelling on the issues of the past here. (We will be leaving the past where it belongs!)

We’ve identified three main focus areas where we need your feedback:




We would love to hear your thoughts on each of the focus areas – what works and what doesn’t, what you’d like to see, what type of content you need, etc.

Again, please be constructive. We really appreciate your time and honest feedback, and we will take all of it into consideration in the coming months.

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