Cobalt and Calcium
Posted By jess

Happy 1st birthday to The Afterman: Descension!



One year ago today, the second installment of Coheed’s epic Afterman double album came to record stores. The release of Descension, their 7th studio album, marks the band’s commitment to musical evolution and sophistication, while still proving loyal to their “classic” sound their fans know and love.

What’s your favorite Descension release day memory? Finally hearing that studio version of “Sentry the Defiant”, discovering “Gravity’s Union”, or the thrill of playing Ascension and Descension back to back? Share your stories!




And let’s not forget that today, the album that started it all celebrates 12 years since release. Over the last decade and more, Second Stage has remained a fan favorite and will continue to be a monumental work in the hearts of devoted Coheed enthusiasts. It’s a telling fact that many fans from the SSTB era are still deeply loyal to the band and their work, through every evolution and musical progression – we salute both the band and those who have supported them through the years. We’d love to hear some Coheed stories from back in the SSTB days!