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Coheed and Cambria to Play Exclusive Show on Album Release Day

Coheed are playing a show on October 9th just for fans who order a copy of The Afterman: Ascension from Looney Tunes Records on Long Island!

From Looney Tunes’ website:

WOW – this may be one of the greatest events we have ever done. Coheed & Cambria are going to play a show just for us!!! The only way to get into this concert is to buy the new Coheed album “Afterman: Ascension” from us. The album comes out on Tuesday October 9th and the show is the same day. Coheed is going to spend their st date with us!! You can order the CD or the LP now. When you order you will get a wristband that gets you into the show. We will be doing the show at REVOLUTION BAR & MUSIC HALL (formerly Ollies Point). This is going to be a regular show not just a few songs probably in the hour range. We will be recording the event for a possible LP release as well. You can pre order the new CD or LP now!!! If you order online there is a $5 paypal fee, if you order at Looney Tunes there is no fee. When you check out PLEASE choose INSTORE PICK UP. All orders will not ship no matter what you choose. You will have to pick up your CD or LP and wristband for show at Looney Tunes. ORDER BEFORE THIS SELLS OUT!!!!!! AND IT WILL SELL OUT!!!

You can order either the CD or the LP – both will get you a wristband for the show. Choose in-store pick up when you choose your shipping option.

Order here – act quickly!

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