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MTV’s Musical March Madness is back!

So, it’s that time of year again and MTV’s Musical March Madness is back. Full details on this year’s insanity can be found here. As you might recall, Coheed took the 2010 crown. Think that we can claim victory again?

All voting is done on MTV’s interactive bracket page.

Here are the other competitors in our bracket:
(1) Mumford & Sons vs. (16) F–ked Up
(2) Coldplay vs. (15) Arctic Monkeys
(3) Florence and the Machine vs. (14) Refused
(4) Muse vs. (13) Gym Class Heroes
(5) Arcade Fire vs. (12) Tokio Hotel
(6) Fun. vs. (11) Semi Precious Weapons
(7) The Shins vs. (10) Coheed and Cambria
(8) Radiohead vs. (9) Bruce Springsteen

Our battle in this seed is The Shins. As always, we need your help! On your social networks you can use the following image to help draw attention to the cause. Be sure to share the voting link and ask your friends to vote Coheed!

Coheed MMM 2012

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