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The Ring & The Return

Long time forum member & friend Samuel IV has created a powerful tribute to the return of Josh Eppard which we wanted to share with everyone. We hope you are as moved by it as we were.

Welcome home, Josh Eppard.

Any Coheed fan can tell you just how great a role this band plays in their lives, and each story will be slightly different from the last. Be it the music or the mythos, something always hits home in a unique and irreplaceable way. And that’s pretty magical.

For me, that magic pinnacles in that good ol’, re-occurring theme

So when that little piece of music surfaced (after a bit of a hiatus) in “Eleven”, I immediately felt at home again. This, paired with the speculation of the return of Weerd Science himself, only tripled my excitement for what the band had in store for us. I was giddy as hell.

As far as the story goes, this song represents a passage of time. With that in mind, I suddenly realized how long I’ve been following this band. 5 years? Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday that I heard ‘Mother May I’ for the first time, or that I sat down to learn the Welcome Home solos. I felt nostalgic. But more than that, I felt inspired.

Noticing I never gave justice to this piece along my project of playing through the discography on guitar, it felt like the perfect time to learn it now. To acknowledge my personal journey as an avid admirer. To pay my respect to the group that motivates me to play music. To welcome back an old member of the Coheed family. The timing was perfect indeed.

Compiling old clips from various interviews and performances, I soon was left wondering: “how in the hell did this happen?” So I tried to imagine it through music, manipulating the melody and eventually the title of the song to further tip my hat to one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever come across (as well as the composer of the piece itself). This one’s for you, Josh Eppard. You inspire.

With that being said, I welcome with open arms, ears and heart what lies ahead.

And I’m so excited.

-Samuel G.

Gear used:
Akai MPK49 Midi controller.
Canon Rebel T1i 500d (stock lens)
Ableton Live 8.

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