Cobalt and Calcium

Neverender Countdown Timers

If you’re just as excited as us for Coheed and Cambria’s Neverender series of concerts, show some pride by copy and pasting whatever countdown timer you prefer on your web-page, blog, or the social networking site you belong to. Special thanks to Ryan McGuire for making these timers for us. If you would like to make a flash countdown timer [...]

Cobalt and Calcium

Your Coheed Creations!

Check out some of the latest Coheed themed artwork from our forum members! Abram from Hawaii has been making symbols in the sand….  Mattyuk has been burning Star 4…… Vandalheart has been envisioning Sizer and The Crowing…… SaraD4  has been wanting to burn her wings…. Creative types, be sure to share your [...]

Cobalt and Calcium

Neverender is Coming…..

The band has posted a new picture of Claudio rocking rehearsals. And speaking of Neverender, forum user  Samuel IV has quite the ambitious project that he has set out on – to cover all of Coheed’s songs as a tribute to Neverender. Here is In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Check out the rest of Sam’s videos on his YouTube [...]


Kill Audio on

New article from! Check it out HERE! Claudio Sanchez, singer/guitarist for the rock group Coheed and Cambria has long been a comic book author; now he can add ‘toy creator’ to his resume as well! Kill Audio, a 7 1/2” self-caricature vinyl toy, began as an online comic strip earlier this year that follows the antics [...]