Kill Audio’s Toy of the Week

From MySpace: This week’s toy is a double header of vinyl delight, brought to you by a man who goes by the name of KAWS. With a start as a graffiti artist in Jersey City and NYC, KAWS made a name for himself by integrating his signature cross bone image into popular ad campaigns from Paris to Tokyo. His designer toys and art features [...]


Coheed on Iron Maiden Tribute Album

Fans of “The Trooper” rejoice! Coheed and Cambria will be featured on this upcoming Kerrang! compilation. Read the whole announcement here. Following on from our 2006 Kerrang! Remastered CD in honour of Metallica’s Master Of Puppets, this latest collection – Maiden Heaven – features bands covering tracks from [...]


Rotterdam Show Info!

From MySpace: For those of you who are attending the show at the Waterfront in Rotterdam, who are concerned about getting to see the very important football game, have no fear! The game will be screened in the main room before Coheed takes the stage. So come watch Holland in the quarterfinals at the Waterfront before celebrating with a rock [...]