Cobalt and Calcium

Cobalt & Calcium – Premium Fansite

Hi Cobalters!

Coheed and Cambria are happy to announce that they will be joining forces with Cobalt and Calcium to launch a premium fansite.

We want your input.

The premium site will have an annual fee. Everything else here will be pretty much the same, this will just be an added incentive for those looking for a complete Coheed and Cambria fan package!

Premium Fansite Benefits:
Right now we plan to include:

* Membership Card
* Special VIP tickets with Meet and Greets and other special treats at concerts.
* Separate early entrance for concerts
* IM sessions with the members of Coheed
* Premium cobalt threads that the band will post and respond to fan posts.
* Video unavailable anywhere else
* Audio unavailable anywhere else
* Exclusive merchandise available only to premium members (extra cost applies)
* Discount merchandise – $10 and less for you favorite shirts from previous tours.
* Discounts on comics
* Disounts on merch at shows

If you have any other things (within reason!) to make this a value to you, let us know!


You can discuss this and give us ideas, here.