Posted By matt

Cobalt & Calcium Interviews Claudio

Howdy Cobalt!

I have some great news to share: I will be conducting an interview with Claudio here in Calgary, Canada as the band gets underway on their Spring tour with Baroness!!

I want to make sure that we ask some quality questions, ones that you might not typically see in a regular interview. So please feel free to leave your questions in this thread! Be sure that your questions are clear and to the point. We should avoid asking things that we already have answers to or pointless topics so that I can bring back the most useful information possible. Please keep in mind that I will not have time to ask all questions that may get posted here and only certain ones will be selected. I will not accept questions by private message or by email, please just post them in this thread.

The interview will be taking place in my home city of Calgary on Saturday May 24th. I will be recording video of the interview and will post it shortly after the concert.

If anyone is going to the Calgary show, please let me know, it would be great to see fellow forum members!