Cobalt and Calcium
Posted By matt

Write ’em in a letter that says, “Reborn!”

We have taken down put up our new forum board, we switched to a different type of software that handles it, and let me tell you, its amazing!

We made the move because it wasn’t really doing what we asked it. Lots of stuff behind the scenes made it difficult for us to use, and I am sure everyone will have a much easier time navigating through everything with the new software.

On the down side, everyones usernames, post counts, signatures, and avatars are erased. I will allow you private message the username: “Brian”, with your old username from the old board, and the number of posts you had before it was deleted, and I will credit it to the account you’re using now.

Nevermind, Kylan has done it once again and saved the day, he restored everyones information from the old forum board. Amazing

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