Cobalt and Calcium
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Cobalt And Calcium

Hey everyone. Our number one goal is to provide all of you guys every god damn piece of material on one of the greatest bands in the world: Coheed And Cambria.

Our lyrics section will not only include every song released by Coheed And Cambria, but every song released by Claudio Sanchez, Travis Stever, Michael Todd, and Joshua Eppard from their side bands.

Our media section will feature some mp3’s that we are legally allowed to put up. Expect to see some live concert sets, and other rare songs. We will also have AIM Icons, and Wallpaper. Our artist here at Cobalt And Calcium (Mitch), will be contributing some material that will be up available for you in the near future. If you would like to submit some artwork you’ve done; e-mail the staff.

The pictures section was added. Thanks to Maggie, we now have 13 new images of the concert she attended back in ’03.

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