Cobalt and Calcium
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Cobalt And Calcium Statistics

If you didn’t notice, our media section was down for about 14 hours. I was busy transferring all of our large media files to my friends server. As a visitor, you will have no idea what the changes are as it happened all behind the scene, but you will notice the download speeds are a bit faster. This is simply because all over our media is now hosted on a dedicated server.

Some detailed notes on how CobaltAndCalcium is doing in the first month:

  1. Unique visitors has increased from 200 to 1000+ a day!
  2. Our media section has increased from 700MB, to 2 GB (2000MB)!
  3. We went from 3 salutes, to about 6. We could do way better, so start to salute your shorts.
  4. Wallpapers increased by 3x

I’d also like to direct you to our four NEW wallpapers that Ryan whipped up for us, you can view them here:

  1. Binary
  2. When I Kill Her
  3. Good Apollo
  4. Keywork Dragonfly

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